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Double Leaf Swinging Blast Door. 50 PSI blast load rating, bolt on or pour in place. Just like our single leaf blast door, only wider up to 8 feet wide so you can get a vehicle through. A steel envelope that you fill with four inches of bullet and torch resistant concrete that you pour into the open top after the door is installed on the wall.Deansteel Bullet Resistant and Blast Resistant Doors and BULLET & BLAST RESISTANT DOORS AND WINDOWS BULLET RESISTANT AND BLAST RESISTANT STEEL SECURITY DOORS AND WINDOWS Deansteel Manufacturing fabricates a complete line of independently tested and analyzed door, frame and fixed window products to withstand a wide variety of ballistic and blast threats.Marine Doors & Windows · Hollow Metal DoorsCommercial Blast Resistant Doors AMBICOAMBICO blast resistant steel doors and frames combine blast and air pressure resistance with the functionality of standard hollow metal products. Our entire range of blast resistant products are readily available complete with builders hardware that provides an easy to operate door system.

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AR 500 ballistic grade steel is standard on all our blast doors. AR 15 is the same ballistic grade steel that lines the bottom of military hummers to protect them against landmines & IED's. Our blast doors are also fire resistant. Our doors and frames are manufactured with multiple layers of steel and 6000 Degree Magnesium Oxide concrete.Blast Resistant Doors Bunker Doors Northwest Shelter Imbed Blast Vault DoorThis 100% steel and concrete door is guaranteed to be strong, as the doors frame and case metal is bent instead of cut and welded. This ensures its integrity is not compromised. The door is also easy to install and features four compression locks in its standard model.Blast Resistant Doors Blast doors info from Steel Door Blast resistant doors protect people and property from explosions and shrapnel. The test footage above shows how effective blast resistant doors are from preventing devastating shrapnel from entering a room. The DOD, DOE, Department of Homeland Security, and petrochemical industry building standards are increasingly requiring blast resistant doors. The most common buildings for these blast doors

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We provide a variety of blast doors specifically designed for your nuclear bomb shelter and/or personal vault. We distribute our own line of NWSS doors and we carry Lunor doors, imported directly from Switzerland. Our NWSS BD 02 Blast Doors are basic blast doors.They are constructed of steel and concrete and are equipped with NBC seals.Yong Tai Loong Blast Resistant Door, Refuse Hopper Our latest designs include the steel Blast Resistant Door for civil defense shelters. Lighter, stronger and more economical than some imported versions, our door is approved by both HDB (Housing & Development Board) and BCA (Building & Construction Authority) for use in the new HDB flats and private housing developments.Ceco Door Blast Resistant OpeningsProviding extra protection against explosions and excessive force, our blast resistant openings meet or exceed the stringent manufacturing and performance requirements of the Department of Defense, Department of State, Department of Homeland Security and other regulatory groups.

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FUCARE launched its new generation of heavy duty hinges for blast doors, probably the first IP65 rated enhanced by self aligning bearing in the world. INDUSTRY View all products FUCARE provides comprehensive blast protection products for shelters including blast valve, blast damper, blast door, blast window and other supporting lines.Blast Resistance DoorBlast Proof Doors Bullet Proof Ecotone Systems leading Manufacturers of High density Blast Proof Doors, Explosion Resistance Steel Fire Door for High Pressure(PSI) Blast, Bomb Blast Resistant Doors, Bullet Proof Doors . BLAST RESISTANCE FIRE DOOR BRIEF TECHNICAL DETAILS Ecotone Systems Blast Resistance Fire Door In order to protect nearby area in case of fire / Blast in Blast Resistant DoorsHigh Security Blast and pressure resistant doors combined with ballistic protection save people and property from explosions and shrapnel. A properly specified and engineered door can save lives by preventing the devastating shrapnel caused by a blast from entering an area. Blast resistant doors from 1psi 50 psi with quick lead times.

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Blast Structures manufactures and supplies aluminum and steel blast/ballistic resistant door sets. This type of door is primarily used on Military Installations or where Blast and Ballistic Resistance is required. Blast Structures also offers the highest rated blast doors on Safe Room Panic Room Steel Security DoorsOur steel security door Model GSS 91 SMP is a reinforced hollow metal door and frame. Finishes include a flush skin, 6 panel decorative skin and 2 panel SOHO. Model GSS 91 3MP is a certified UL 752 level 3 bullet resistant door and frame. The MP is for multi point locking.DIAN BD1706 Explosion proof bomb shelter door &Blast door Explosion proof door, Exterior blast doors with keys are used in commercial and industrial installations. The doors are designed to protect personnel and property from explosions and explosion borne missiles. Model number DIAN BD1706 Panel color Customized Anti explosion ability 190

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ESS delivers a fully factory assembled door unit including door frame, seals, latching hardware and glazing. All ESS custom doors are designed to meet your specific functional and dimensional access requirements. For sales information and details please contact Edwards Door Systems Limited 1 Ceco Door Bullet Resistant Steel Doors and Frames Ceco Door, a leading manufacturer of steel and hollow metal doors and frames, composite and commercial doors. We provide energy efficient solutions with thermal break frames, decorative openings with Madera, and sound control with Sound Tech Xpress.Overly Doors Bullet Resistant ProductsDoor and Window Systems. Overly's Bullet Resistant Door and Window Systems provide a superior level of protection for the most demanding applications. With over 50 years experience designing and manufacturing bullet resistant products, we have the experience it takes to ensure the safety of your personnel or property from direct arms fire.

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Yong Tai Loong designs and supplies Blast Resistant Doors, Letterboxes, Refuse Chute Hoppers, Laser Cut Metal Gates, UPVC Doors, Door Frames, Retractable Clothes Drying Racks, Bicycle Racks, Fire Rated Doors, Ladders, Ironmongery etc to HDB, Vault Doors Steel Shelter Doors Vault Door for SaleSTAINLESS STEEL & BULLET RESISTANT STEEL 80"x 32" x 10" $6995 80"x 42" x 10" $7995 80"x 52" x 10" $8995. Our Gibraltar Vault Door passed a 1 HR torch & grind test & ballistic test. It's constructed from a proprietary matrix of Stainless Steel & AR 500 ballistic grade steel. Our test consisted of one hour of grinding & attempted torch Blast Hatches Northwest Shelter SystemsIn addition to having formidable blast proof doors, great bomb shelters also have blast hatches. These guarantee individuals will be able to exit the structure if the door is damaged and cannot be opened. Blast hatches can also be configured to open outward or inward, depending on your preferences.

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Its steel structure assures the reliable protection against blast impacts under tough conditions such as high temperature or fire. FC BRD 01 series blast doors could serve wide range of applications, including civil defense, OGP, new energy and other applications where blast resistant protection is required.UL 752 Bullet Resistant Booth Shelters DirectShelters Direct has long been a leader in the bullet resistant guard booth market. Shelters Direct continues to lead efforts with innovative design and fabrication techniques. Our high security bullet resistant guard booths are available to meet the strict guidelines of UL 752 1 through 8 shotgun, and National Institute of Justice (NIJ Deansteel HomeDeansteel Manufacturing Company is a premier U.S. manufacturer of hollow metal doors and frames, marine doors and windows and bullet and blast resistant doors and windows. Based in San Antonio, Texas, the veteran owned company has more than 60 years of experience manufacturing products for national and international customers, including

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